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Program at a glance


Formations Bible College is a three-year program that offers three certificates: Foundations, Biblical Studies and Theological Studies. Additional courses offered enhance the core course material to include practical life and ministry skills.  

Below is a summary of the core curriculum and lesson series that make up the three certificates. Each course is made up of single to multiple classes.

Two of the three one-day seminars offered during a school year, must be elected.


Students may elect to do one, two or three certificates. However, as the certificates are sequential, all studies must start with the first year's Foundations Certificate. To receive a diploma in Christian Ministry from ThirdMill Institute and Formations Bible College, students must complete all three certificate programs.   

We currently accept applications for the 2024/25 school year for the first year's Certificate of Foundations as well as the second year's Certificate of Biblical Studies. 

To qualify for the second year program, you must have completed the first year's Certificate of Foundations from Formations Bible College or through ThirdMill Institute. However, if you have credits in Biblical Studies or Theology from another institute, you may qualify for the second year program; this is determined by the faculty. Please contact the office for information. 


For an overview of the complete curriculum


The Foundations Certificate consists of four introductory courses in both Bible and Theology to help build a strong Biblical foundation for the believer. 

Biblical Foundations - 

Kingdom, Covenants & Canon of the Old Testament and Kingdom & Covenant in the New Testament

Theological Foundations -
The Apostles’ Creed and Building Your Theology

Old Testament Foundations -
The Pentateuch

New Testament Foundations -
The Gospels and The Book of Acts

Other -

Additional courses 


The Certificate in Bible Studies consists of five Bible courses that increases understanding the content of the Bible and further establish and prepares the believer for Kingdom life functioning.

Old Testament Narrative - 

The Book of Joshua and the Book of Samuel

Old Testament Prophets -
The Book of Hosea and He gave us prophets

Pauline Studies -
The Heart of Paul’s Theology and Paul’s Prison Epistles

New Testament Epistles -
The Book of Hebrews, The Epistle of James and The Book of Revelation

Biblical Interpretation - 

He Gave Us Scripture: Foundations of Interpretation


Consists of five theological courses that conclude the preparation for effective Kingdom ministry.

The Doctrine of God - 

We Believe in God and Building Systematic Theology

Christology -
We Believe in Jesus and The Biblical Doctrine of the Trinity

Pneumatology  -
We Believe In The Holy Spirit and Building Biblical Theology

Anthropology & Eschatology -
What is Man? and Your Kingdom Come: The Doctrine Of Eschatology

Biblical Ethics -

Making Biblical Decisions

Other -

Additional courses

Upon completing these three certificates over the course duration of three years, students will earn a Diploma in Christian Ministry.

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