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Olive Branch

Harmony of the Heart

Exploring the Psalms through four significant themes. 


Worship & Praise
Dr. Michael Allen

The Psalms are a rich source of expressions of worship and praise. this theme emphasizes the importance of recognizing God's greatness and responding with heartfelt adoration. It explores various forms of praise, from exuberant shouts of joy to quiet moments of reflection. all rooted in a deep reverence for and towards God. 


God's Faithfulness & Covenant
Dr. Glen Stone

Many Psalms celebrate God's faithfulness to His covenant promises. This theme highlights the enduring relationship between God and His people, emphasizing how Yahweh, the Covenant-Keeping-God, remains steadfast even in the face of human frailty and failure. We are to reflect on God's unchanging character and our role in upholding our part of the covenant. 


Lament & Suffering
Dr. Bruce Hanlon

Lament is a significant theme in the Psalms, where the psalmists honestly pour out their feelings of anguish, pain, and suffering before God. This theme reveals how we are to acknowledge our own trials and tribulations, showing that it is acceptable to bring our deepest struggles to God in prayer and seek His comfort and deliverance. 


Wisdom & Instruction
Dr. Stephen Russell

Some Psalms offer wisdom and moral guidance in the form of proverbial sayings. This theme draws attention to the Psalms' role as a source of spiritual instruction, encouraging us to seek God's wisdom in our daily lives. It invites us to explore the practical implications of the Psalms' teachings for our personal growth and ethical conduct. 

How this works

The four topics build on one another and are offered as a package. Formations Bible College Faculty bring their insights, wisdom and experience, delving deep into their particular theme to bring a deeper understanding of the Psalms. 


Schedule your dates

The four themed teachings are offered to come alongs side the pastor between one Sunday a month, all four Sundays, or a schedule determined by the local pastor. 

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What to expect

Faculty members will contact the Pastor around their scheduled time to discuss details for their Sunday visit.


This is a free teaching service to the wider body of Christ and a blessing and support for the local Pastor. 

Schedule your dates

Fill out the form or e-mail us for more information or to schedule your dates. 

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