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Equipping for Kingdom Living

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Tuesday 6-8pm : Two hours in-person live instruction.

Thursday 6-7pm varies: Either a once-a-month small group in-person discussion forum, or participating in a monthly online discussion board, or watch a video lesson at home. 


Any assignments given by the instructors must be submitted by the next Sunday evening. This equates to a total of 4-6 hours of school activity per week.

The week-to-week program may vary.

Classes are held at the facility of Christ Chapel in Centerville.

The school is in partnership with ThirdMill Institute, which provides the core curriculum as well as additional support.


Formations Bible College Mandate 

Through our mandate, students can expect the following:

1. Making sense of the Bible 

Have you ever read the Bible and had more questions than answers? Formations Bible College offers robust, sound Biblical teaching through which students are established on firm foundations that answer these questions.  This allows for a framework of historical context for correctly interpreting the Biblical narrative, through subjects like Old and New Testament studies. Other subjects feed into providing clarity and insights into God's story with humankind. 

2. Making disciples

Jesus' clear instruction in the Great Commission was that disciples would be made. In obedience to this, Formations Bible College develops students in a relatable and systematic way into the lifestyle of a disciple of Jesus Christ. Christ's life is key to understanding living like Christ - a Gospel-centered lifestyle. The theory and the practical are combined, forming a believer that emanates Christlikeness in their world. 

3. Defense of the Gospel

In a postmodern Christian environment, the believer is equipped to define clearly what they believe and why. Apologetics is built into the curriculum through a variety of ways that allows the student to not only clearly grasp the Biblical facts, but equips them to articulate the defense of the Gospel in an intelligent and meaningful way to a world skeptical of religion. 

4. Learning in community 

The early church gathered in homes around Scripture and the writings of their day, learning and growing in their relationship with the Lord captured in the word koinonia. Formations Bible College will provide this same immersive experience in a safe learning community where dialogue can take place that develops the Christian way of life. In this environment, all are encouraged to engage in the process of Biblical articulation. 

About Thirdmill Institute

The Thirdmill Institute offers their curriculum to train students in the Bible and in theology. They work with churches and Christian leaders to create local learning communities. Students will earn a Diploma in Christian Ministry from Thirdmill Institute and Formations Bible College by completing the three certificates that comprise their curriculum.   

For more information about Thirdmill, click here

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